Maternal and Child health-Strengthening the capacity of TBAs and CHWs

Maternal and Child health has been the focus of many global health initiatives especially in Africa. For rural communities, the emphasis has often been on reducing child mortality while providing support for both mother and child. Key players at the rural communities are the Community Health Workers (CHWs) and the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) CHWs are enormously helpful in performing preventative medical services in rural communities, they monitor the community's health, identifying patients at particular risk, and act as liaisons between the community and the health system, as well as provide basic medical services. On the other hand, TBAs also play a vital role in child birth in the remote communities where sometimes, access to health centres is not possible. Strengthening the capacity of TBAs and CHWs is important for improved maternal and child health care. Ideal Development and Resource Center (IDRC) in partnership with the Foundation just carried out a training on effective referrals and record keeping for improved maternal care for 24 TBAs and 10 community health workers in Okpekpe and Imiegba communities of Etsako west LGA of Edo State. The TBAs and CHWs were trained on the importance of prompt and effective referrals for pregnant women and their babies. Forms were provided for efficient record keeping on antenatal care, delivery, and referrals to a higher level of care. In addition, delivery kits were also provided for the TBAs and CHWs to ensure hygienic and safe practices in maternal and child care.