NEPHWAN Pays Courtesy Visit to TY Danjuma Foundation

T.Y. Danjuma Foundation today hosted a visiting contingent from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Chapter of the Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, NEPHWAN. NEPHWAN is the umbrella body of all organisations and support groups of people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The network, which has offices in all states of the country, including the FCT, has the following main goals:

  1. To advocate for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA);
  2. To promote comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and support services to reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS on PLWHA and people directly affected by HIV/AIDS (PABAS); and
  3. To contribute meaningfully to the fight against HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria

In a speech, the FCT NEPHWAN Coordinator, Mr. Peter Ikiti, noted that “Nigeria has the second highest HIV/AIDS prevalence worldwide” adding that the country “has the highest population of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs)”, a fact which points to high AIDS-related mortality.

In her response, Executive Director/CEO of the Foundation, Ms. Thelma Ekiyor, expressed appreciation to the Network for the good work it is doing in creating HIV/AIDS awareness and providing care and support to PLWHA and people directly affected by HIV/AIDS. The Grants Officer of the Foundation, Mr. Gima H. Forje, took cue and explained to the Network the responsive grantmaking strategies of the Foundation; he advised that NEPHWAN may, for the time being, wish to take a look at the Discretionary Grants call for application of the Foundation, for the possibility of seeking same for quick interventions with immediate impact.