When TY Danjuma Foundation took free eye care mission to the good people of Abudu, Orhiomwhon LGA of Edo State

It has been three years since I last saw my wife or any of my children, he said. I was devastated. I knew something could be done but I did not have the money to fix it. Then things went from bad to worse as I had to quit the only job I knew –tailoring and with it any chance of raising any money for myself or for my family.

Roland was visually separated from his wife and children by bilateral cataract. For 3 years his wife Augustina, a petty trader struggled to keep the family fed. The situation according to Augustina, thought her vital lessons in life, one of which is that help most often come from unknown places.

But when solution came, neither Roland nor his wife knew at the time who was responsible for the free eye surgery that has restored his vision. Yet, at the glimpse of his wife, after the surgery on one of his eyes, he had become vocal with gratitude – his smile stretching from molar to premolar. Augustina could not hide her joy knowing she will soon get relief from playing both the provider and the supporter role in the family. Roland’s condition and situation is one out of a thousand others out there.

In June 2018, The TY Danjuma Foundation collaboration with Care Vision Support Initiative concluded a free eye care mission to Abudu, Orhiomwhon LGA, Edo State to carry out free cataract and pterygium surgeries, correct refraction errors, and provide medication for basic eye conditions.

At the end of the intervention that took place at the General Hospital Abudu from the 24th to the 29th of June, 1240 persons registered and were consulted while 167 eye surgeries were performed – (Cataract: 117, Pterygium: 50).  720 persons were provided with eye glasses and 566 persons provided with medication for eye care. In all, the eye health mission reached 2693 persons.