Main Grants

This is the primary funding scheme of the Foundation. Every year an Annual Call for Concept Notes or Proposals is published; requesting qualified organisations based in Nigeria to apply for funds to implement projects in the key focus areas of health, education and skills training.  The maximum amount awarded each year is determined by the Board of Trustees.

Main Grants Q & A

What types of organisations are eligible for support? 

NGOs, CBOs, youth groups, women’s cooperatives, etc registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, or in the state and working in Nigeria.

Does TY Danjuma Foundation have specific funding areas? 

Yes; the Foundation supports work in two (2) main areas: 

  1. Community Health
  2. Education & Skills Training

Is the application deadline flexible? 

No; Deadlines are time bound and specified each year in the Annual Call for Proposal or concept notes

When will the final decision be made on applications? 

The Call for Proposals specifies a time-frame for the processing of applications usually within 1-2 months of the application.

Can my organization submit more than one application to the same grant cycle? 

Yes; however only one application can be funded in each grant cycle.

Can my organization resubmit a proposal that was unsuccessful in an earlier application? 

Yes, but the application should meet all the requirements for that grant cycle as stipulated in the Call for Proposals/concept notes.

Can my organization request for funding for its main activities? 

Yes; if the activities satisfy the funding criteria as stipulated in the Call.

How do I prepare a budget? 

Each Call comes with a budget template that guides prospective applicants.

How much can I request? 

Each Call for Proposal stipulates the respective grant sizes.

Can my organization request for more than what the Foundation has stated? 

Yes; but the Foundation will only fund according to the sizes stipulated in the Call.

Is my organization required to show other sources of funding?

Yes; this is required

By what means must my organization submit applications? 

The preferred means is via email.

Can my organization apply for multi-year funding? 

No; the Foundation’s grant cycle is for 12 calendar months

Can two organizations apply together? 

Yes. Partnership and collaboration are encouraged; however each organisation’s role in the project should be clearly articulated

Who can serve as a referee? 

References may not be required

Must my organization submit a proof of office space ownership or rental? 

No; but if selected for funding office location would be verified by the Foundation

Must the organization submit its project staff list? 

Yes, this should be contained in the proposal.

How many years must my organization be in existence to apply? 

Applicant organisations should have been legally registered and functioning for at least 1 year

How can my organization contact the Foundation? 

The medium for contacting the Foundation is clearly STATED on the website.

Will we always be notified regardless of the outcome of our application? 

Yes; all applicants will be duly notified of the outcome of their applications.

Can proposals be sent in indigenous languages? 

No; the Foundation preferred language of communication is English

With whom do I communicate when my organization has challenges? 

The Foundation’s contact information is clearly indicated on the website.

Can my organization apply for a scholarship grant? 

No. Scholarships are difficult as the Foundation’s grant cycles are for 12 months.

Can my organization submit other useful document to support its proposal? 

Yes; documents that are relevant to the project can be submitted.

Is it possible to receive the grant in one instalment?

The Foundation’s grants process is standardized; however funding modalities can be discussed.